Every organicspa product is built with a purpose, just like in nature. Each ingredient is synergistically put together to achieve results on the skin while ensuring each product meets strict certification standards.
All organicspa products are certified with either the ACO or the OFC, both independent government audited bodies.
The basics of certification is that each formula has been accredited to have the below:
+Min of 70% organic
+Min 95% organic

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All other ingredients are 100% naturally derived. Your guarantee of purity. The complete organicspa collection has a minimum of 70% certified organic content. It is important to understand the balance between product effectiveness and organic content. organicspa ethos is to put effectiveness first ensuring each product has results on the skin. This is done with key ingredients with scientific results and organic ingredients which have no use of pesticides and fertilizers in the growing of the plant, flower or produce.
Many reactions, redness, sensitivities can be caused by chemicals, such as fragrance and parabens. Choosing organic helps to eliminate these unnecessary ingredients, creating a safe, effective product from the best that nature can offer.
We believe, that through the rigorous certification process of our manufacturing plant, all ingredients and approved formulas, together with random audits from the independent government approved certifiers, we offer a true certified organic product unlike many offered in the current market.
organic is also about what is NOT included
Excluding the following ingredients from our formulations puts us ahead in current world certification standards, other governing bodies are open to allowing synthetic or nature identical raw materials into their cosmetic products.